Kill Your Darlings

Hacía varios meses que quería ver esta película, más que nada por la presencia de Daniel Radcliffe (es inevitable, siendo un fan de HP), pero nunca la encontraba para descargar en TPB. Anoche, escuchando “I Should be Allowed to Think” de They Might Be Giants, cuya letra comienza con los primeros versos del célebre poema “Howl” de Allen Ginsberg (“I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving, hysterical…“), se me ocurrió fijarme en TPB y por fin la hallé disponible.


Overachieving Gays

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The Dish

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Tracy Clark-Flory examines the “Best Little Boy in the World” hypothesis:

This theory holds that closeted young men in bigoted environments often respond by overachieving in certain areas, like sports or academics — the idea being that it’s an adaptive means of finding a sense of self-worth where they can. It can also serve to distract from their sexuality: As Andrew Tobias wrote in his 1976 memoir, “The Best Little Boy in the World,” a key “line of defense” was his endless list of activities. “No one could expect me to be out dating … when I had a list of 17 urgent projects to complete,” he wrote.

Despite the prevalence of this idea in gay coming-of-age narratives, it’s never been tested empirically, until now.

In a study recently published in the journal Basic and Applied Social Psychology, researchers interviewed 195 male colleges students who identified as either heterosexual or a “sexual…

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